our pillars

Passion represents the persistence and heart that has come along with the forming of this organization. The twenty-one original founders of Legacies came together for the same reason - wanting to leave a Legacy at Texas A&M. We worked hard and finished strong to reach our ultimate goal.


Honor encompasses many things. First, it represents the integrity that each member is expected to maintain throughout her time in Legacies. It means that each member recognizes the importance of academic excellence. Second, it represents honesty. Being honest with each other, as well as with ourselves, is an important quality each of us believes in. We aim for each member to have a voice in anything and everything we do as an organization. Honesty must be the biggest factor in order to continue to maintain that equality. We want our members to be proud of being in Legacies, and we want every woman to represent Legacies in a positive manner. Holding each other to a high standard is something that we aim for and will allow Texas A&M Legacies to continue to have a positive reputation attached to our name.



Community sets us apart from other organizations and is very important to each of us. We all love Texas A&M University and are so grateful to attend this school. This university, as well as the Bryan and College Station area, have made such big impacts on our lives by supporting us as Aggies. Now, it is our turn to focus on them and to return the favor. Through philanthropy and service projects, we focus our time on giving back to this place we call home.

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